Owning a property in the historic Crown Hill area

Congratulations and welcome! We are so pleased to have you join our close-knit neighborhood.

•We are rightly proud of the heritage of our neighborhood and our homes. This history is one of the things that closely joins us together in Crown Hill.

•We are thankful to those Crown Hill neighbors of the far and recent past who have helped to preserve our beautiful history. One of the best ways for us to show our gratitude is to pass on these historic properties for future generations to enjoy.

•Please join us in this worthy effort.

As you may be aware, Massachusetts and Worcester keep track of historic properties in the Commonwealth and in the city respectively.

•This is done partly to help preserve these irreplaceable historical homes, buildings and landmarks.

•If you own one of these designated properties that help to make the Crown Hill area so important and such a great place to live, then certain policies are in place to help us in our mission of preservation. Because of this designation, any exterior construction, renovation or demolition of your home/building must be reviewed and approved by the Worcester Historical Commission.

•This is a wonderful protection for our historical neighborhood area and helps to maintain its historical, cultural and architectural consistency.

•If you have any questions about what this designation means, please contact us at: crownhillneighborhood@gmail.com.

Check here to find out more about the Mass. Historical Commission.

You can also see the statewide inventory of historical properties, including those in Worcester, by looking at the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS), an interactive computerized database.